All stair treads were papered and taped for protection. The banister post was repaired with Bondo to smooth the surface where it was nicked or chipped. The risers and side skirt were also treated with setting compound where necessary. All surfaces then sanded and cleaned before applying Fine Paints of Europe (FPE) performance oil primer. Three coats of Hollandlac Satin were applied to the spindles and post. The risers and side skirt were painted with FPE Brilliant. The railing was chemically stripped, sanded, and stained with Minwax oil. This was followed by thirteen (!) coats of FPE Marine Yacht Varinsh Brilliant polyurethane. The ceiling was done in California Ultra ceiling white. The trim was coated in California Ultra semi gloss. Walls were painted in California Ultra eggshell. The front door was treated on the inside with FPE satin finish and exterior with FPE Brilliant.