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The Muralo brand of paint entered the market in 1894 and, among other distinctions, is the company that created Spackle and trademarked the name. It also grew to become the widest waterborne manufactuer of paint in the 1940’s. In 2014 the company was bought by California paints, a Massachusetts company, which enabled it  to expand their product lines. Early in his career, Stephen primarily used these two paint brands, and would travel hours (yes, hours!) specifically for the Muralo ceiling paint and the ultra semi-gloss. Now that California has incorporated Muralo products into its inventory, the beauty of Muralo lives on within California. The stellar quality of these products was, and still is, worth any amount of travel time in order to provide customers with the results they desire.

Fine Paints of Europe

This is arguably the world’s best paint. Imported from the Netherlands, this independent paint company uses no fillers or additives and selects only the highest quality pigments and ingredients to produce vibrant color and extraordinary finishes to choose from.

Pratt and Lambert

The Pratt and Lambert water oil hybrid Aquanamel provides an elegant finish for woodwork. If you want your trim to glow, then Pratt and Lambert is the way to go. For bathrooms, its Accolade satin finish creates a shell on the wall that is water-resistant and prevents streaking.

Farrow and Ball

Imported from England, Farrow and Ball uses high quality ingredients and includes a palette of eco-friendly paints that are known for their depth and complexity. The paint responds dramatically to light, and just as the company’s website claims, “brings your walls to life.” This paint provides exceptional coverage on home surfaces.

One Time Wood treatment

This is one of the most efficient exterior wood treatments on the market. While pricey, it is widely agreed that results you acheive are well worth the cost. This product protects wood from the elements and never needs to be chemically stripped. Lasting an average of seven years on pressure-treated wood, re-treatment every two years is recommended for hardwoods, such as mahogany, cedar, teak, etc., re-treatment is required every two years.

Let’s make some glass

If you want to make someone’s jaw drop when they arrive at your front door, the high gloss glass effect produced by Fine Paints of Europe’s Hollandlac Brilliant is a surefire way to do so. Let’s make some glass together!

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Franklin, MA
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Franklin, MA
(774) 256-4899

License ID: 178403